Alchemists have always managed to invoke a sense of wonder and child-like curiosity in our minds. Imagine, an old man in a hat playing with pots and ladles, mixing and heating some sort of ingredients to try and create gold out of lead and the elixir of life as a master potion.

Incredible, definitely. A wonderful myth, probably.

If we look beyond the obvious, in today’s world, we can safely call the chef an alchemist. Again, imagine, the chef adorning his cooking hat in sparkling white, moving the knives, pots and ladles with an impressive degree of skill and concentration, to create a dish, a dish that is worth remembering for many a life time, a dish that speaks to your heart, one that will make you really happy.

I believe, Chefs are today’s Alchemists.

The preparation of food is a wonderful cusp of art and science. Rarely, in our daily lives do we find a way of living which is a beautiful amalgamation of both art and science. Every ingredient which goes into the dish is equally important. Without one particular ingredient the dish doesn’t remain the same, but the beauty of making a dish so tasty is how and when to add these ingredients.

For example, the Dal Makhani made in most parts of our country has these ingredients,  Whole black gram, Red kidney beans (rajma), Salt to taste, Red chilli, Ginger, Butter, Oil, Cumin seeds, Garlic, Onion, Green chillies, Tomatoes, Garam masala which are easily available in most houses across India. This is the science of the food, every ingredient is important, but the art lies in when to add the onions, and the kind of garam masala to be used and when the tadka should be added.

We  are excited to make food, the way it was meant to be, all our dishes will invoke a deep connection with our ancient cultures. Food served by us will invigorate a rush of dopamine through your blood, a feeling of goodness never before.  We promise.

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