My first steps into the Culinary World were as shaky as a toddler’s.  At age 11 I was introduced to the amazing world of the kitchen when my mother was bed ridden for 6 months due to an unfortunate accident.  We were summoned by our father – who looked as lost as we were, to this magical place where mom used to create lip smacking and nutritious food for us 3 times a day.

Over the period of these 6 months I did various chores some interesting and some brain numbing, at the end of which there was a small ember alive somewhere deep within.

My parents dreamt of seeing me in a white coat and I fulfilled their dream with a little twist, they wanted me to become a doctor!! (like all Indian parents), well I did try…. got good scores. However, I really couldn’t help it  if  others scored better than me.

This is when the tiny embers erupted into a flame. I spoke to my parents about getting a degree in Hotel Management and thank heavens a cousin knew a Chef who worked for a chain of hotels, this eased their reluctance. In a matter of time I aced the entrance tests and I was on my way to make my dreams come true.

Hotel Management was a roller coaster, it taught me that small things matter and that no job is too small for me to do.

As a fresh graduate from Institute of Hotel Management I was snapped up by ITC-Welcome Group as a Management Trainee, where I was polished to be the man I am today.  While working with the chain of hotels, the exposure I got on the various aspects of the culinary industry and the ways of the world ingrained in me my life’s motto – “Serve with a Smile”.

As a Chef I believe food is a combination of science & art, the science is in understanding the ingredients and the art is in using the said ingredients.

Being a Chef has given me the opportunity to interact and serve the who’s who of the world.. literally!! This noble profession has made me a lifetime learner, a mentor par excellence and above all a good individual.

As a Chef I feel a passion for food is of utmost importance, be it to while eating or to cooking.

In 2013 I was selected to be an Expert Panel Member (South Indian food ) for MasterChef India, which again was a great experience. It helped me understand and further appreciate the various cultural elements in Indian cooking.

After working with some great brands in the Indian hospitality market I have taken this love of food to the next logical level.

I am now an entrepreneur, the only change now is the scale of work and of course, the best part… This is all mine!!!

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